Iran is the world-famous country in the field of natural stones. Artemisia Stone has been one of the leading natural stone companies in Iran since 2005, in addition supplying the high-quality and unparalleled variety of Persian marble, travertine, and onyx to the client all over the world, with this advanced organizational structure and high level of technology. Artemisia Stone’s activity covers all aspects from quarrying, cutting, processing, and finishing to packing and distribution of finished stones as well as blocks. Artemisia Stone is exporting high-quality products which are including Travertine, Marble, and Onyx to many different countries, such as the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia and the Far East.

Our clients benefit from our record in exporting quality stones matching global standards. with more than 10 years of experience in mining and processing of natural stones in Iran. The activity has begun with extracting stone blocks from one white marble quarry and now the company owns multiple quarries and factories.

The company’s main strongest point is constant endeavor to promote new varieties of world-class Natural Stone products from time to time and also its ability in having fine-tuned concept of customer satisfaction to understand its client’s needs. We are competent to supply Natural stones in  Blocks and cut to size as per customer’s requirements. This strategy has helped the company in registering a steep growth in both volume and its varieties.


Artemisia Stone’s mission goes beyond than the production and sale of the Natural Stone. As Artemisia Stone professional group, we aim to maximize and maintain satisfaction of our respectable customers. Moreover, we target to make the best use of our country’s natural resources and making a contribution to ensure that they get the position they deserve.


Artemisia Stone’s vision is to become the world benchmark for the Natural Stone sector. In order to realize this vision, Artemisia Stone aims to provide customers with high quality products that suit customers’ needs by employing the latest production technologies.

Artemisia Stone, who owns one of the Iran’s largest stone quarries and brings marvelous beauty of natural stone to life by utilizing the world’s most modern technologies, was registered in the city of Isfahan in 2018. In our commitment to deliver the highest quality stones. We have license for more than 10 active quarries in Iran which is covering different types of Travertine, Marble and Onyx.

Moreover, Artemisia Stone is exclusive agent of xx other quarries in Iran. This exceptionally strong resources assure our capacity to deliver premium quality stones in large volumes with color consistency. Our team are always being searching for new materials for our clients.

We proud ourselves in being the Iran’s biggest and greenest producer of raw stone, using only sophisticated technology. We consult with expert geologists and conduct quarry planning to ensure that our extraction is done in a manner that is both cost-efficient and Environmental friendly.



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